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What’s Important to Your Job Candidate?

You finally found the perfect job candidate for that hard-to-fill leadership role only to find that they just accepted another offer. Scenario sound familiar? Don’t miss your shot at an A-player by failing to sell your job candidate on the reasons why your company is a good fit for them

Selling is important throughout your job candidate's journey (not just at the offer stage).  It's your chance to reinforce how your company culture, benefits, and the job they are interviewing for fit their top reasons for job hunting in the first place. Like all employees, each job candidate will have different motivators. However, it turns out that job seekers tend to care about five main things, also known as the “Five F’s”: Fit, Family, Freedom, Fortune, and Fun. The key to successfully wooing your next job candidate is to learn which of the “Five F’s” are most important to them.

Here are details on each of the “Five F’s”, plus recommended interview questions you can use to discover which motivators resonate with your candidate the most.

1. Fit

Candidates who value “Fit” value culture, the right chemistry, and a feeling of belonging or doing good.

  • Please describe the ideal culture & values you want at work.
  • What adjectives would you use to describe the favorite place you’ve ever worked?
  • Pro-tip: Invite the candidate to walk around and feel the energy of your workplace, and introduce them to your friendly employees
2. Family

Candidates who value “Family” care about hours, commute, location, and flexibility to spend time with or take care of their ohana.

  • What is your preferred work schedule?
  • How important is some flexibility to your work schedule?
  •  How important is being able to (occasionally / regularly) work remotely?
3. Freedom

Candidates with this as a priority need to know they will have a certain amount of autonomy in their new role

  • Are you more effective in a structured job, or one where you have more autonomy?
  • Please describe your favorite job.
  • In what ways were you able to make your own decisions and do your own thing?
4. Fortune

For candidates that value “Fortune”, pay shouldn’t be the deciding factor, but it must work for you and the candidate.

  • What are your salary expectations?
  • What benefits did you get in the past that were very meaningful to you?
  • Have you ever been eligible to receive bonuses?
5. Fun

Candidates looking for “Fun” desire a work ohana they enjoy spending time with and a workplace. They also value a welcoming job culture, along with laughter, and doing non-work activities too

  • In what job did you laugh the most?
  • What about the company and your co-workers made you so happy there?”
  • How important is having fun with your co-workers vs doing your job or going home after work?
  • What job have you had where the company or employees did fun things at or after work that you enjoyed?
  • Pro-tip: Invite the candidate to walk around and feel the energy of your workplace, and introduce them to your friendly employees

Don’t forget to be curious about your job candidate. Really listen to how your candidate answers each interview question to discover which one of the “Five F's” resonates with them the most. The words they choose and the passion in their voice will tell you what you need to know and which one of the “Five F’s” they most value. Once you know what motivates them,  use what you learn to help your candidate understand how your organization can fit their needs specifically.

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