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Benefits Packages in Hawaii

Your employees deserve awesome benefits. Unfortunately, due to limited buying power, the costs of these benefits can drag down your bottom line.

There is a solution. When your employees are combined with thousands of others in a network, you can leverage that buying power to get discounted rates and more stable coverage options for health insurance and other benefits. In other words, you get better benefits at lower costs.

ProService Benefits Coordinators leverage their unrivaled experience and a network of businesses with over 35,000 employees to get you the lowest rates. When you work with ProService, you can offer your employees access to healthcare and benefits that rival Fortune 500 companies.

Managed Benefits Include:
Health Insurance
Dental Insurance
401(K) Plans
Employee Assistance Programs
Transportation Programs
Life Insurance
Flexible Spending Accounts
Supplemental Insurance Policies

We’re now able to offer better health benefits and a more complete suite of HR Services for our employees. At St. Andrews, our mission is all important, so we’re happy to have ProService assist us with HR.

Mike Curtis, Chief Financial Officer The St. Andrew’s Schools

Healthcare Plans

ProService has built strategic partnerships with Hawaii’s premier health insurance providers, HMSA and Kaiser, enabling us to offer our clients incredible packages at affordable rates.


Great benefits like 401(k) plans, life insurance, and FSAs help businesses attract and retain top employees. With ProService, you can offer excellent voluntary benefits packages at affordable prices.

Open Enrollment

Overwhelmed by open enrollment? With our fee-inclusive full benefits administration service, ProService can help you make the selection and annual re-enrollment process a positive experience.

Benefits Administration

We’ll take care of the paperwork and field your employees’ questions so you can focus on running your business. Want to take a more active role? Access custom reports and real-time program data online.

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