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4 Reasons Tanioka’s Seafoods Works with ProService

Handling the paperwork, compliance, and other back office tasks that come with managing employees is a big job for any organization. That’s especially true in a family business, where long working hours can often spill over into family life.

Jasmine Tanioka remembers her parents, Mel and Lynn Tanioka, working seven days a week when they started Tanioka’s Seafoods and Catering. After Jasmine took over the company with her brother, Justin, a family member suggested that she outsource some of the company’s HR tasks by partnering with ProService Hawaii. She’s never looked back.

Here are four reasons why Jasmine says partnering with ProService was a game changer for Tanioka’s Seafoods and Catering:

#1. Time with family.

Even though they worked hard, Jasmine was grateful that her parents had always made it a priority to be involved in her and her brother’s lives when they were growing up. “From sports to our school activities, they somehow managed to always be there,” she says. When Jasmine had her own son, she wanted to continue that tradition. “To accomplish that goal, we started looking for some outside services,” she says. Partnering with ProService Hawaii allowed Jasmine to outsource many of the company’s administrative tasks. She was able to take the time she needed to focus on her own family, knowing that the business was in good hands.

#2. A clearer financial picture. 

Working with an HR partner can help small businesses grow by providing a wealth of information and data about the company’s financial situation, challenges, and opportunities for improvement. Jasmine loved getting ProService’s  Business Intelligence Reports, because they gave her a detailed breakdown of information, which she could customize to answer her biggest questions. “They’re helping us to see a bigger picture of our company, see the bigger picture of our payroll, and where our income and expenses are going,” Jasmine says. “They’ve really been amazing in helping us to build a better business.”


#3. A team of experts.

Working with ProService brought experts on board, giving Jasmine access to specialists who could help her with payroll, compliance, or whatever HR challenges she was facing. For a family business, it was important to Jasmine that ProService really felt like part of her team. She actually felt supported, and loved that she was able to have a personal relationship with the people she worked with. “We were so surprised just how much they cared,” she says. “Every step of the way, everyone we’ve worked with at ProService has been so helpful. You can tell they are dedicated to making the partnership succeed.”

#4. Freedom to give back.

For Jasmine and Justin, it’s not just about balancing business and family life. The company also gives back to the community through the Tanioka’s Charity Foundation, which hosts an annual golf tournament fundraiser and donates thousands of dollars to organizations like Kapi’olani Hospital for Women and Children, Pali Momi Cancer Center, March of Dimes, and Boy Scouts of Hawaii. Outsourcing some of the time-consuming, back-office tasks of running their day-to-day operations frees them up to focus on the charity and its mission of helping people in need.



Running a family business is full of challenges and rewards, but for Jasmine Tanioka, partnering with ProService and outsourcing those time-consuming HR tasks was a game changer. “Our relationship with ProService allows me that time with my family,” she says. “I’m so grateful for everything ProService has done.”

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