Boys & Girls Clubs of Maui


Serving over 2,400 members ages 6-18 and an additional 7,000 youth each year through outreach across the community, Boys & Girls Clubs of Maui provides much more than just an after school and summer hangout.

With a membership fee of only $5 a year, they offer a fun place for children and teens to do their homework, learn healthy lifestyles, and develop character and leadership skills. Boys & Girls Clubs of Maui staff work tirelessly to bring these services and support to the youth that need them most.

“We’re busy people. Youth development takes hard work and commitment. The support of ProService keeps our focus on delivering the best service to our kids.”

– Steve Bennett, Operations Director of Boys & Girls Clubs of Maui

The Challenge

With its mission of inspiring and empowering young people to reach their full potential, Boys & Girls Clubs of Maui must keep its focus on the kids—allocating their fiscal resources and staff time to the needs of the families they serve. The nonprofit runs eight locations to support the various regional needs of neighborhoods throughout the island, requiring even more from their dedicated teams to meet the community demand.

As Operations Director Steve Bennet explains,

“We have a responsibility to ensure our clubhouses provide a safe space where youth of all ages know that they are welcome. We also must maintain a workplace where staff feel supported. As we expand to provide access to even more families, we need a true HR partner to help us foster the best possible environment for our kids and employees.”


Understanding the specialized needs of youth service and nonprofit organizations—and the mandate to make the most of limited resources—ProService Hawaii developed an HR solutions strategy for Boys & Girls Clubs of Maui to save them time, money, and ensure they had access to comprehensive benefits and training for their team.

Says Bennet,

“I can’t stress enough how important safety is to our organization. ProService gives us all the workplace readiness training we need, such as CPR and blood-born pathogen training, so we can be prepared for any emergency situation that can occur.”

With the help of the professionals at ProService who understand the law to ensure the clubhouses remain compliant, and payroll and HR experts to alleviate time- intensive administration, Boys & Girls Clubs of Maui could keep the focus on the keiki while also cultivating a healthy workplace for staff.

“Liabilities are constantly evolving, so it’s imperative to stay up to date on current best practices,” says Bennet.

“Resources from ProService like harassment prevention training help us ensure that as responsible adults and as a team that we know how to take good care of each other, and maintain a workspace that is safe and inclusive.”

And being a nonprofit no longer meant that Boys & Girls Clubs of Maui couldn’t provide the kinds of employee benefits that large corporations enjoy, leveraging the buying power of over 35,000 employees in the ProService Hawaii network.


For Boys & Girls Clubs of Maui, ProService delivers expert support to handle any human resources situations that come up—and also ensures that the Boys & Girls Clubs of Maui team is well-versed, trained and prepared to respond appropriately to emergency situations and a wide range of incidents that can occur in the workplace.

With ProService providing precise payroll scheduling, low-cost benefits, and legal expertise, Boys & Girls Clubs of Maui can commit their resources to caring for the community while conserving time and funds.

Adds Bennet, “As a nonprofit, we rely on community partnerships. Working with ProService helps us make the most of the limited resources we have, and enables us to concentrate on the important work that we do.”

“Our partnership with ProService helps us ensure that our team can feel really good about where they work, knowing that they are supported and are in a place where the communication is positive. ”