N&K CPA was founded in 1973 and is known for their trusted business partnership. Today the 70-person team provides customized professional Assurance, Tax, Consulting, and International Client Accounting services to Hawaii’s private and public sectors.


“We are a 70 person company. It is my responsibility to find the best way for our company to support our people without building a big HR department. ProService is our answer.”

– Vicki Shinsato, Human Resources Manager

The Challenge

N&K CPAs wanted to care for their people with the same quality that their employees serviced their clients. But they needed a sustainable solution that would serve them for many years of coming growth and change. 


In early 2021, N&K CPA chose ProService Hawaii as their full-service HR and business partner after evaluating multiple local and mainland vendors in Q4 2020. As a result, N&K saw immediate and substantial savings on their insurances, particularly healthcare and workers’ compensation. Not only that, N&K was also able to optimize their team’s efficiency. They offloaded tedious administrative tasks that previously occupied staff’s time to ProService experts. This allowed N&K staff to redeploy their time to focus on billable work for their clients. 

“I was initially scared to move to a new provider and system. But our implementation with ProService could not have gone better. We always knew where we were at and where ProService was at. They kept us on schedule. This gave me great confidence.”


#1. The best price for the best coverage 

By joining ProService’s proprietary master plan, N&K was able to lower their healthcare costs even further by accessing exclusive ProService rates not available to them on the open market or through a broker. As the only HR partner in Hawaii to offer HMSA coverage, N&K was also able to stay with HMSA, their preferred provider. 

Additionally, N&K was able to build out a generous benefit package for their employees. They accessed ProService’ numerous voluntary benefit options, including flexible spending, life insurance, 401(k) retirement plans and employee counseling services, on top of medical, dental, drug and vision coverage. 

“We want to offer our people the very best benefits. ProService recognized our strong management and healthy employee base deserves the best pricing in the market.”


Workers’ compensation costs were an important factor as N&K evaluated local and mainland competitors. After much searching, ProService was able to offer N&K workers’ comp savings that no other competitor could offer.

#2. More time for billable work, not admin work

By working with ProService, N&K gained valuable time back to focus on revenue generating activities. Employee handbooks? Benefits admin? Workers’ comp claims management? Legal advice? ProService had N&K covered. Don’t take our word for it. Here are some examples. 

Employee Handbooks & Policies:

“It takes a tremendous amount of time every year when we need to update our employee policies. Since they know all the labor laws and best practices, when we started working with ProService, they came to us with a list of suggestions of policies to add and recommend changes. We didn’t mean for them to actually do the work, but they did! That takes a big load of work off our internal team.”

Benefits Administration:

“Filings for ACA requirements, 1095C medical reports, making changes to an employee’s medical plan, transitioning somebody to COBRA. ProService does all this for me. Talk about Service. Where can you get that level of service?”

Workers’ Comp & TDI Claims Management:

“These tasks take a lot of time. Now that we’re with ProService, they first research the claim. If it’s valid, they gather all the complicated information and fill out all the forms for us. We just approve it.”

Business and Legal Consultations:

“We like that we can call ProService’s legal team any time for complimentary counsel. By strategizing with ProService first, we don’t need to spend as much time with our lawyers, reducing our outside attorney fees.”

“Now that we’ve been working together, thanks to ProService, my bosses, our staff and I are spending less time on HR issues which means we have more time for billable hours.”

#3. Service and expertise when it’s needed most

When N&K faces an unexpected problem or challenge, they know they can rely on the fast response and practical guidance from ProService experts to resolve issues quickly. With a partner and advocate in their corner, they can have confidence that everything from payroll and benefits, to safety and HR is managed accurately, on-time and to N&K’s high standards. 

“At ProService, I have a healthcare team. And a payroll team. And a legal team. And a training team. And a team which advocates on behalf of small Hawaii businesses. They are responsive and provide very practical advice and solutions. This is invaluable. It makes us happy. We could never hire this expertise in-house, at any price.”