Multi-State Employment

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Build Your Strongest Team

Helping Hawaii Employers Hire & Retain in 50 States

More Hawaii companies are hiring talent outside of Hawaii to build their strongest teams ever. Whether you're opening a mainland location or hiring a remote worker—we're here for you. ProService Hawaii offers the HR services you need to grow your team in Hawaii and remotely in all 50 states. We can save you time, ensure you meet state hiring requirements, and help you understand how the process works based on your specific employee needs and situation. We can also prevent issues with labor laws, unemployment insurance, wages, and any other HR issues you may have. 

Multi-State Employment Services Include:
Pay Employees in All 50 States

ProService Hawaii offers multi-state payroll services, can help you pay your employees from anywhere in the U.S., and file payroll taxes for all 50 states.  

Offer Health Plans Nationwide

With HMSA's BlueCard, out-of-state employees can get access to the best mainland providers through Blue Cross Blue Shield's extensive network.

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Get Workers' Comp in Multiple States

With ProService, you can get workers' comp coverage in the 46 states that allow private insurers to offer coverage. Pay premiums as you go. No upfront deposits or audits are required!

Protect Your Biz with EPLI

Don't leave your business exposed to employee lawsuits. With ProService, get Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) to protect your business from employment-related claims.

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Update Handbooks Without the Work

As your partner, we'll review and update your employee handbooks with state-specific addendums to help your business maintain multi-state compliance with local laws and keep your employees informed.

Employ Workers on the Mainland

The Ultimate Guide to Multi-State Employment for Hawaii Companies

Becoming a multi-state employer has challenges. When you have employees in a new state, you must follow that location's rules. State-specific laws impact the taxes you and your employees pay—and much more. Our guide shares what you need to know about having multi-state employees, including:

  • Why more local companies are hiring out-of-state workers
  • What HR complexities to watch out for
  • Which states are easier (or harder) to get setup in
  • How a partner like ProService Hawaii can help you grow 

Ready to Get Started? We're Here to Help!

If you're a ProService Hawaii client*, here's what to do next

1. Read the Guide & Learn What to Expect

If you're thinking about having employees outside of Hawaii, start by reading our guide. We outline the top things Hawaii employers need to know, and share insights about which states are easier (or harder) to get started in.

2. Contact ProService

To get the ball rolling, simply notify your day-to-day contact at ProService Hawaii and let them know you’re thinking about out-of-state employees and any additional details you’re able to share. Think it’s too early to get us involved? Think again. Depending on where you want to operate, states can take anywhere from 2-10 weeks to process your application, and you will need workers’ compensation policy in place before your employee starts.

* Not already a client? We’d still love to talk to you to learn how we can support your business and HR needs. To start a conversation, schedule a free HR consultation with us, or call us directly at (808) 394-8878.

Multi-State Employment FAQ

Questions? We Have Answers

ProService Hawaii offers a bundled multi-state HR solution for Hawaii-based employers. Whether you want to have a remote worker on the mainland or open an entirely new operation, ProService Hawaii can offer a complete solution for both your Hawaii and mainland employees in all 50 states – wherever they live and work.

ProService Hawaii offers a streamlined HR solution whether you're expanding your business outside of Hawaii or just want the flexibility of remote workers on the mainland. When you leverage our Professional Employer Organization (PEO) model, you'll get all the critical HR components you need to expand your business across the country from one Hawaii-based HR partner.

Our one-stop HR solution for mainland employees:

  • Payroll & Payroll Tax Administration: ProService Hawaii can process your payroll just like we do for your Hawaii-based employees. We will follow state-specific laws to ensure employee withholdings and deductions are correctly applied and remitted to state agencies. We will also continue to pay and file your quarterly payroll taxes (FICA, FUTA, SUTA) in each state where you have employees.
  • Healthcare & Voluntary Benefits: As part of our HR solution, all out-of-state employees will receive HMSA coverage, which will kick in according to the Hawaii Prepaid Health Care (HPHC) law. Since HMSA is part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) network, your employees can access over 90% of doctors and specialists in the states where they live and work. Additionally, the voluntary benefits you choose to offer Hawaii-based employees will also be available to your out-of-state workers.
  • Workers' Compensation: ProService Hawaii will provide your business with workers’ compensation insurance under our national policies program in the 46 states that allow private insurers to offer businesses workers’ compensation.
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI): As part of our bundled offering, we will provide your business with EPLI to protect your business from employment-related lawsuits by employees.
  • HR Policies & Employee Handbooks: ProService Hawaii consultants will review and update your employee handbooks with state-specific addendums to stay business compliant with state laws and keep your employees informed. Addendums may cover state overtime rules, state paid sick leave, state family and medical leave, PTO policies, state rules on deductions, withholdings, garnishments, and what to expect around final pay.

If you're a Hawaii-based company, we're here to support you! To leverage our out-of-state services, you must have a base of operations here in Hawaii, where at least 50% of your workforce is in Hawaii.

  • If you're a current client, simply talk to your day-to-day contact at ProService Hawaii to get the ball rolling, or to learn more.
  • If you're not a client with us, we'd love to learn how we can support your Hawaii-based team, and your mainland operations. Schedule a free HR consultation to talk to our business development team, or call us directly at (808) 394-8878. Note: Our company's focus is on supporting Hawaii companies. To work with us, you must have a base of operations here in Hawaii. 

Working with an HR partner that uses a PEO (professional employer organization) business model can be very beneficial. If you want to have employees in multiple states, it can significantly cut down on the HR hassles. 

Here's a few reasons why:

  • All of your payroll reporting responsibilities will be handled by the PEO in every state where you operate or have employees
  • When you work with a PEO, you can skip a cumbersome state registration process in 28 states
  • A PEO can help you easily provide nationwide health plans, ensuring that employees are covered uniformly
  • In all states but four, you can get workers' compensation coverage directly through a PEO and pay for premiums as you go
  • A PEO can offer state specialist to help answer state-specific questions and update your handbooks and policies for state compliance

If your business operates in 22 states known as “client reporting states,” you must register your business with various state agencies before ProService Hawaii can set up your mainland employee for payroll, benefits, workers' comp, and more. As your HR partner, we can provide the links and helpful resources to point you in the right direction, but we will not be able to register your business for you. We recommend you consult with your CPA and other legal advisors if you're thinking of doing business (or having employees) in “client reporting states.” Once you've registered your business and opened the required tax accounts, ProService can take it from there! 

As part of our HR solution, all out-of-state employees will receive HMSA health plans, which will kick in according to the Hawaii Prepaid Health Care (HPHC) law. Since HMSA is part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) network, your employees can access over 90% of doctors and specialists in the states where they live and work. 

You must get coverage from the state-run fund in four states

Regarding workers’ compensation, ProService can provide your business with coverage through our national policies program. We can provide workers’ compensation in the 46 states that allow private insurers to offer coverage. Four states have monopolistic coverage: Ohio, North Dakota, Washington, and Wyoming. This means private insurers cannot provide coverage, and the only option to get a policy is to go directly through the state-run fund.

If you work in certain industries, ProService will need extra information about your business

All businesses that utilize our HR solution for mainland employees will be required to fill out a 2-page workers’ compensation questionnaire that will help us gather details needed to underwrite a policy–in addition to providing a 5-year loss run report. However, ProService will need to collect additional information about your mainland operations for companies that work in certain industries. 

These industries include construction, roofing, road paving, asbestos work, cement manufacturing, iron/steel fabrication, farming, tree trimming, tree removal, slaughtering, food processing, meat processing, nursing homes, emergency services, trucking operations, warehouses, clothing manufacturing or radio/tv broadcasting.

ProService Hawaii is the only locally-based HR service provider that offers a bundled HR solution for both Hawaii employees and mainland workers. We are committed to Hawaii-based employers–wherever their employees live and work in the U.S. If you’re interested in local support for your team, plus mainland expertise, we’ve got you covered!

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