Managing HR in 2022

Managing HR in 2022? Start here.

Most of us are starting to look at our plans for the upcoming year. While we hope this New Year will bring more stability than years past, we know one thing for sure: The future of Hawaii’s workforce is changing. More than ever before, employees are looking for financial stability, work-life flexibility, and professional growth. Similarly, more than ever before, businesses are looking for high-performing employees who are committed to their organizations. 

How do you accomplish both business and people objectives? To help you out manage your teams in 2022, we’ve created The Strategic Planning Workbook for Human Resources

Whether “HR” is in your title or not, you can use this resource to jumpstart your business and people planning for 2022 and help you:

  • Get organized and think strategically
  • Prepare your workforce for the upcoming year
  • Align with organization leaders and programs
  • Drive employee and business success

If you're an HR leader at your organization, we encourage you (and your leadership team) to review the workbook, jot down your thoughts, share ideas, and align on actions for the year ahead. You can complete the workbook in full, skip around, or zero in on a few focus areas — the choice is yours! Happy planning!

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