How Partnering with ProService helped Massage Envy establish and scale their offices in Hawaii

For Massage Envy Hawaii to expand, they partnered with ProService Hawaii to streamline HR tasks, such as payroll processing, benefits, compliance filing, safety, and risk management. ProService provided customized solutions and professional management, allowing Massage Envy’s owners to focus on growth and operations. Today, with over 165 employees, Massage Envy Hawaii serves more than 8,000 customers across five spas.

ProService Helps Massage Envy Effectively Serve Clients in Hawaii

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Hawaii Locations: Honolulu, Kahului, Kaneohe, Kapolei, and Pearl City

Hawaii Phone Number: (808) 524-3689

Location: Multiple locations
Industry: Healthcare
Employees: 160+
Joined ProService: 2014

Massage Envy is a leading provider of therapeutic massage and skincare services in the United States. With a commitment to improving the health and wellness of its customers, the company offers a range of customizable massage and skincare treatments that cater to individual needs. Massage Envy is dedicated to providing a comfortable and relaxing environment for its clients, with over 1,100 locations across the country. The company also offers a membership program that provides access to exclusive discounts and benefits. With a focus on customer satisfaction and a commitment to excellence, Massage Envy is a trusted choice for those seeking high-quality massage and skincare services.

Company Highlights:

  • First opened and launched its whole-body care movement in 2002
  • Employs 35,000 massage therapists, estheticians, and other associates in the nationwide franchised locations
  • 1.5 Million franchise members across the United States
  • Proudly supports industry, charitable, educational, and cultural causes like the Hawaii Foodbank and the Hawaii International Film Festival

Massage Envy expanded from a single local office to five different locations in Hawaii, with ProService as their exclusive HR partner.

In 2012, Lari Jarvis and Nathan McFarland took a leap of faith to bring a brand that helped people feel their best to Hawaii. The former bankers and lifelong friends invested everything they owned and cashed out their 401(k)s to open the first Massage Envy in the state. However, the road to success was not easy. Lari and Nathan had to personally staff the front counter of their first location every day until the business started to take off. Despite the challenges, the business partners were determined to do it the right way, ensuring that every location they opened adhered to their high standards.

During the hectic period of launching their first location, Lari and Nathan realized that they needed to outsource some of their business functions to manage payroll and keep the business compliant with all HR and labor laws. They partnered with ProService Hawaii to manage payroll, benefits, compliance filing, safety, and risk management. This partnership allowed Lari and Nathan to focus on their business's success without being stretched too thin. With their Hawaii-exclusive franchise deal requiring them to roll out a minimum of five locations over five years, Lari and Nathan knew that they needed to scale for growth and ensure quality service at each of their locations. Thanks to ProService Hawaii's support, they were able to stay true to their vision and grow their business successfully.

Massage Envy Hawaii Region

“The most valuable thing I have is my time. If you can give me back my time, you’ve got me. ProService enables me to focus my energies and passion where they need to be—on the business.” — Lari Jarvis, Partner


Partnership Exceeding Expectations

Here are the top three reasons why Massage Envy Hawaii saw ProService as a trusted partner for their growth.

01. Managing Payroll While Effectively Maintaining Compliance

When Lari first considered outsourcing Massage Envy's payroll, she had reservations about whether an external provider could meet their unique needs and support their rapid growth. Even after her initial engagement with ProService Hawaii, she was still uncertain if outsourcing was the right move for her business. However, what ultimately convinced her to become a loyal customer was ProService's commitment to creating a custom approach tailored to Lari and Nathan's specific requirements.

Through their team of certified professionals, ProService Hawaii ensured that Massage Envy's payroll was handled with meticulous detail, safeguarding them from costly compliance issues and freeing up countless hours of paperwork processing. The service team went above and beyond, adapting to Nathan and Lari's needs by creating customizable payroll reports that seamlessly integrated with Massage Envy's existing processes. As Lari and Nathan expanded their wellness business across Hawaii, they were faced with a multitude of compliance requirements that were difficult for them to handle on their own. Fortunately, they turned to the specialists at ProService for assistance, and it was one of the best decisions they ever made. With ProService's expertise in handling compliance matters, Lari and Nathan were able to focus on growing their business and providing the best possible services to their clients.

In the wellness industry, where sensitivities are common and regulations are constantly changing, having a partner like ProService has been crucial for their success. They were able to navigate the complex compliance requirements with ease, ensuring that their business was always in compliance with state and federal regulations.

02. Making Enhanced Employee Benefits Possible

Thanks to ProService, Lari and Nathan were also able to offer their employees a 401(k) plan, which is a particularly rare benefit in their industry. This benefit, which was the same one that enabled Lari and Nathan to realize their Massage Envy dream, has been a huge morale booster for their employees and has helped to attract top talent to their business. With ProService by their side, Lari and Nathan are confident that their business will continue to thrive and grow for years to come.

“I tell all of my employees about the importance of investing and saving because of the opportunities it can bring,” says Lari. “My mother worked for years as an esthetician, and a 401(k) was unheard of in her field. To now be able to provide 401(k) to my team is incredibly rewarding. And we’re only able to offer the level of benefits we do because of the affordable cost ProService provides to local employers.”

03. Providing Exceptional Customer Service

Lari was particularly impressed by ProService Hawaii's customer service, which surpassed her expectations. She believes that a company's ability to adapt to the unique needs of its clients is a true testament to its nature and the overall success of the partnership. ProService's commitment to flexibility and personalized service left a lasting impression on Lari, making her a satisfied and loyal customer to this day. “How a company adapts to a client’s needs is what’s really telling about their nature and how things will run for the long haul. ProService just blew me away with its level of customer service.”