Diamond Head Dental Care


At Diamond Head Dental Care, a dedicated team of dentists and dental assistants work to create life-long relationships with their patients. With a wide variety of treatments and procedures to address the dental needs of people of all ages, the office is providing Hawaii patients a reason to smile seven days a week.

“In general if you’re going into dentistry, I think you have to be an empathic person and have a genuine sense of good will for people,” shares Dr. David Matto, dentist and owner of Diamond. “Our work here has been very rewarding. I’ve enjoyed helping people and getting their feedback that we’ve made a difference in their lives.”

Compassion is at the root of the care that Diamond Head Dental provides, with Dr. Matto noting that they are mindful about the details to help minimize any patient anxiety. Intimidating dental instruments aren’t displayed front and center by the patient, the office aesthetic is bright and beachy, and soothing music is always played.

Adds Matto, “Our dentists and staff are trained not only to treat patients, but to identify what caused their health concern in the first place. This approach sets patients of Diamond Head Dental Care on the road to recovery and long-term oral health.”

Diamond Head Dental Care

“We’ve created a patient-centered dental office where we are really focusing on their convenience and care. Without the kind of support we get from ProService, it would be much more difficult to pull off all that we’re doing here.”

– Dr. David Matto, Owner of Diamond Head Dental Care

The Challenge

Along with providing this variety of treatments to address patients’ needs, Diamond Head Dental Care demonstrates its dedication to further serving their patients by being open from 7:00 a.m. -7:00 p.m. during weekdays and 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. on weekends.

“A core part of our business philosophy is that we wanted to create an environment where we don’t impose on our patients’ schedules,” Dr. Matto explains.

Dentistry itself requires a lot of moving parts, but running a dentistry business with extended hours presents unique staffing challenges—from onboarding qualified applicants, to providing proper training (all the more imperative in a medical setting). With Diamond Head Dental committed to keeping their focus on providing their patients care, Matto realized that help from ProService Hawaii was needed to ensure payroll ran smoothly, HR administration and staff training needs were met, and the busy dental office remained compliant.


For Diamond Head Dental Care, ProService Hawaii is a valuable source of support when juggling all of the tasks and timelines that come their way. Despite a diverse set of issues, Dr. Matto knows that ProServiceʻs expertise is only a phone call away. Says Matto,

“Having to staff an office every day, you’re going to run into plenty of HR challenges, and just like any business owner having the experts at ProService that you can get on the phone during your business hours and whenever you need them is invaluable.”

ProService also assists Diamond Head Dental Care with HR services specifically tailored to their needs. With these packages, Diamond Head Dental Care does not have to coordinate comprehensive staff training sessions on their own— ProService covers their most important topics for them. Matto recalls,

“As part of their services, they offer HIPPA training, they offer blood-born pathogen training, CPR training—and these are things that are all just part of the package.”

Along with expert advice and training, ProService also provides a path for Diamond Head Dental Care to grow their business strategies, foster leadership skills, and strengthen their workplace culture. Says Matto,

“ProService offers their Growth Series events, where they are bringing in experts from all over so that you can learn from their years of expertise in the field. It has really helped us go to the next level.”


Diamond Head Dental Care’s unique perspective on providing the best and most flexible care for their patients sets them apart and present unique challenges. Yet through a proactive partnership with ProService, with experts ensuring the business remains compliant and HR administration needs are seamlessly managed, the Diamond Head Dental Care team can keep the focus where it needs to be—on building lasting relationships with their patients.

“Utilizing ProService, we’ve been able to focus more on serving our patients as opposed to spending time working on the back-end of the business. We’re able to actually run our business which is truly serving our patients better.”