Club Rehab


Club Rehab guides clients of all ages along their physical therapy journey. Expert trainers, occupational therapists and a caring support staff ensure Club Rehab customers feel like Ohana and receive exceptional care as they improve their quality of life. For the last 25 years, Club Rehab has served the Big Island community, building long-lasting, trusting relationships with their clients. At the heart of their success is the vision of its founder, Gordon Dong, who began Club Rehab as a humble one-man operation with the support of his parents and a desire to help people.

As Gordon puts it, “Trust and connectedness are some of the most important things to have in our small community, and we’re honored to have fostered continued confidence in our care and expertise over the years as we’ve grown.”

“As a loyal partner right from the start, ProService Hawaii has supported Club Rehab’s growth and kept us going strong for 25 years—allowing us to focus on our purpose of helping people feel their best.”

– Gordon Dong, Founder of Club Rehab

The Challenge

Having been in business for 25 years, Gordon is well aware of the challenges employers can face—from properly onboarding and training staff, to adhering to state and federal labor laws. In the early stages of Club Rehab, Gordon knew that he needed an expert in order for his business to navigate the various HR challenges ahead and avoid costly missteps. For Gordon, finding the right people to supply that knowledge and support was vital to ensuring he could focus on providing the highest level of care to his customers. So he set out looking for an HR solutions provider with the same qualities that he instilled in his clients: trust and reliability.


Gordon found that bringing on ProService Hawaii as an HR partner for his practice was the perfect choice. As the business grew, so did the number of employees and HR administration needs. Gordon was able to continue to lean on a diverse team of HR experts whenever he needed guidance.

“I know a select number of things and need to keep my focus where it’s needed most,” says Gordon.

“Linking arms with the experts at ProService Hawaii is so helpful, because I simply don’t have the time or knowledge needed to manage HR administration and compliance in the professional way that’s available to me through ProService.”

As a healthcare practice, Club Rehab also needs to train their staff on important legal practices and skills like CPR to remain compliant. Practice Manager Barbara Nakamura emphasizes the importance of these trainings provided by ProService, saying, “Whenever we need any type of supervisory or developmental training for our staff, we don’t have to try to recreate it on our own. ProService is always there to help us. That’s huge, as we’re often dealing with HIPPA training and privacy law, and having those pieces taken care of and laid out for us is invaluable.”

Club Rehab rarely has to let employees go, but when they do, Gordon is appreciative of the counsel ProService has provided on the proper, legal way to address the situation. “We really seek to find a good fit for our team, and just because it’s ultimately not a fit, doesn’t mean they’re not great people,” says Gordon. “When an issue arises, ProService is there to literally walk me through it. In a small community, we want to part ways kindly and with integrity. ProService ensures that everything is taken care of professionally.” ProService Hawaii has walked alongside Club Rehab from the beginning. In this 25-year partnership,

ProService has supported Club Rehab in building their business, training employees, managing HR administration and ensuring compliance. During the 2008 financial crisis, ProService Hawaii helped Club Rehab weather the storm. As Gordon says,

“There were times during that economic downturn when even making payroll was difficult. But we had true partners in ProService Hawaii, and they worked with us, and that helped keep us afloat. They are always invested in our long-term success.”


Club Rehab is going strong, with a focus on their business and providing their community with services that improve lives. The Kailua office located in “The Club in Kona” is a 20,000 square foot, fully equipped health club that includes an outdoor/indoor Olympic-sized pool. A second facility, located in Kainaliu, offers a 4,000 square foot fitness facility and clinic to serve the Mauka community. From a budding one-man operation to two thriving locations on Hawaii Island and a team of over 30 employees, Club Rehab continues to move forward towards the future with ProService Hawaii there every step of the way.