ARC of Maui County


For nearly 65 years, ARC of Maui County has been protecting the rights of people with special needs, providing programs and services that help them become productive members of the local community. It is the only provider of its kind on Maui, offering residential services, specialized facilities, and support systems designed to help local families. From physical therapies to job training, ARC of Maui gives clients an opportunity to realize their goals and the freedom to choose how they will learn, live, work and play.

ProService really knows their way around the needs of nonprofits. By partnering with their team, it allows us to better allocate our time and resources to our clients and client families. And when we can focus on what we do best, we have the ability to change lives.

– Rob Lane, CEO of ARC of Maui County

The Challenge

As a human service agency, ARC of Maui County is dedicated to allocating the vast majority of their fiscal and human resources to the direct care of their clients. As the organization grew, it became bigger than a small nonprofit but smaller than a large-scale agency. This in-between size began to challenge the organization.

They needed more HR support but couldn’t afford to hire the full-time employees needed for build their own HR department. CEO Rob Lane set out to find a solution for ARC of Maui’s unique needs. Rob explains, “When we began exploring our options, we reached out to other nonprofits in the community for guidance. We discovered that another organization was working with ProService and had great things to say about the experience. There’s no better resource for a recommendation than another nonprofit that appreciates your mission. I knew then that ProService was a company we had to speak with.”


After meeting with ProService, Rob was convinced he had found a true PEO partner. ProService developed an affordable HR solution for ARC of Maui that removed the administrative burden and let their staff focus on providing the best service possible to their clients.

One of the initial benefits that resonated with Rob was ProService’s assisting ARC of Maui with their Policies & Procedures manual, a mandatory first step for HR compliance.

“With the help of the experts at ProService, we were able to create a much more thorough, legally-vetted and up-to-date document that saved us a tremendous amount of time and research. And we won’t have to worry about it becoming obsolete.”

In addition to the Policies & Procedures manual, ARC of Maui was also impressed with the precise payroll scheduling, low-cost workers’ compensation coverage, and legal expertise dealing with staff disciplinary issues. With ProService, ARC of Maui has the expertise and support of a full HR department that save them time, money, and ensures they remain compliant with all local and Federal labor laws.

Rob describes it, “One of the great benefits of ProService is customer service combined with breadth of knowledge. You don’t have to call an anonymous person every time you have an issue. You can simply pick up the phone and call someone who knows your agency, has worked one-on-one with your staff and invariably knows the situation better than you do so they can help get you to the end result in a much better way– it’s such a reassuring connection to have.”

After staff salaries, health care costs were the next most expensive line item in ARC of Maui’s budget. When Rob realized he would save on healthcare by partnering with ProService and leveraging its larger employee pool, the value of the full HR solution exceeded expectations.

“By partnering with ProService Hawaii we are able to substantially lower our overall health care costs and provide twice the amount of health care options for our staff. My only regret has been realizing that I should have made the change to ProService years ago.”


As the largest provider of vocational and community integration services in Maui County for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, ARC of Maui is enabling its clients to stay closer to their families through its five homes on Maui and one on Molokai. By partnering with Hawaii’s largest provider of HR solutions, the nonprofit no longer needs to worry about using resources in areas that don’t improve client-staff interactions.

ProService also partnered with ARC of Maui to implement an Electronic Time Tracking system for their team.

“The system, required by the State Department of Health, would have been so time consuming for us to implement on our own without the experts at ProService to lead the process.”

And Rob notes he has experience some unexpected benefits from the ProService-ARC of Maui partnership. “With ProService Hawaii working with other nonprofits in the community, there’s also been the wonderful added benefit of being able to foster a community within a community of sorts amongst fellow nonprofits. We’ve been able to connect together and help each other out.”

ProService is honored to further the success of ARC of Maui by providing their caring and dedicated staff the support they need to continue to serve the community.