Ballet Hawaii

The Ballet Hawaii Story

Since 1976, Ballet Hawaii has been providing enriching artistic experiences to the community. They create world-class productions and host classes for students that focus on building their self-confidence. From teaching to managing operations to creating large-scale productions that feature both students and invited guest artists, the faculty and staff have a hectic day-to-day schedule.

Ballet Hawaii

It’s invaluable to have access to a human resource in every sense of the word through our partnership with ProService. Everyone on the service team is knowledgeable and always available to give us guidance on best practices.

– John Parkinson, Executive Director

The Challenge

Executive Director John Parkinson began his career supporting the arts behind-the-scenes in stage management—eventually working with some of the biggest productions and talents in dance and theatre, including the legendary Joffrey Ballet.

Bringing a passion for production and a commitment to the community to his post at Ballet Hawaii, John embraced the organization’s mission of presenting, promoting and teaching dance in Hawaii. He also wanted to ensure that the faculty and staff had enough time to focus on the high-level issues needed to keep the nonprofit in-step.

Ballet Hawaii required a seamless payroll system in place so that their staff could focus on other important accounting functions. It was also imperative to have wellness and benefit programs to help them balance the fast-paced environment. Ballet Hawaii’s dedicated team needed experts to help handle the HR particulars so they could keep the spotlight on teaching and producing.


Ballet Hawaii first came to ProService Hawaii to take care of their payroll. ProService’s certified payroll professionals handled the payroll with meticulous detail, ensuring the Ballet Hawaii staff was taken care of and protecting the organization from potential costly compliance issues.

Says John, “In terms of handling payroll alone—because ProService makes it so seamless and systematic for us—I’m able to hand that off with complete confidence and focus on other important issues for our organization.”

Bookkeeper Shaina Kauhi wholeheartedly agrees. “I truly think of the ProService team as an extension of my Ballet Hawaii family. Payroll is so professionally handled and they are always there to guide us with anything related to HR. I once had a form presented to me from a new hire that was totally unfamiliar, and ProService immediately helped me understand what it was and what was needed for us to help this employee.”

Although they came to ProService for payroll, Ballet Hawaii soon discovered a wide variety of HR services that helped them improve their organization. They were able to take advantage of ProService Hawaii’s on-site CPR training for their faculty and staff. The training, conducted at Ballet Hawaii’s convenience, saved them from having to spend precious time traveling elsewhere. It proved particularly valuable for a team consistently working in a highly physical space.

John was excited to learn about the “Ornish Program” through ProService’s partnership with HMSA, having had a health issue take center stage in his own life at one point. The program helps employees take preventative measures to combat chronic diseases that are common in Hawaii such as diabetes, heart disease, and other conditions. This type of preventative care is becoming increasingly important for local businesses in order to maintain a healthy team. ProService offers employers like Ballet Hawaii this option as a fee-inclusive program, making it available to them at no additional cost.

Adds John, “While I’m not exactly happy that I was eligible to be referred by my physician to the Ornish program, having gone through the program personally, I can tell you it’s a life changer. If you need to reverse a path you’re on, the Ornish program is certainly a way to do that. I’m thrilled that ProService is making this incredible wellness opportunity available to its clients in partnership with HMSA.”


Ballet Hawaii is now able to focus on day-to-day operations with ProService handing time-consuming HR functions such as payroll and HR administration. ProService has helped Ballet Hawaii create a workplace culture focused on wellness, from added safety programs to low-cost health benefits. And with friendly ProService experts always available to help, they can focus their creative energy on where it needs to be.

Ballet Hawaii continues to bring a range of celebrated productions to the stage, including Coppelia, Giselle, Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, and an annual Hawaiian themed Nutcracker, a production that has become a tradition beloved by the community. ProService is thrilled to be a supporting partner empowering Ballet Hawaii to succeed.

“I never have to wait to get an answer or assistance with anything from the ProService team. As a dancer, I know the value of an easy and graceful partnership, and that’s what I’ve experienced with ProService.”

– Pamela Taylor Tongg, Artistic Director of Ballet Hawaii