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Overwhelmed by HR in the COVID Era? Start here.

Taking stock at your business right now, what area do you find commands the most attention? Our bet is human resources. Human resources has taken on a new role in the world of COVID-19. You’ll find that it is the catalyst for reimagining the workplace experience today. As employee needs and new policies require renewed leadership, let’s explore whether tackling human resources yourself is something your business is equipped to handle right now—or if now is the right time to look for extra support.

To help you out, here’s 3 signs your business might be ready for human resources outsourcing.

You’re unable to manage the balancing act

Your business has been rocked. Thanks to COVID-19, you must get creative about keeping your business operations running while honoring your brand and engaging your customer base. That’s a lot of critical work on your plate. With all of this, do you have the time and energy to confidently navigate new and changing employee policies and employee administration, too? If you can’t do both, it may be in your best interest to delegate the people-work. Stick with the hard decisions to keep afloat but team-up with an HR firm to handle the rest—from employee administration like payroll, time tracking, benefits and more, to new HR and safety policies for the COVID era.

You don’t have the support you need to do the work

This pandemic has turned businesses on its head but organized HR administration and a strategic HR framework can get things back on track. Hiring, or having full-time administrative support in-house may be one solution. Another option is to explore what it looks like to have an HR company who can do the extra leg work for a fraction of the cost of in-house new hire. If you hire an expert third-party partner, you spend money, but you also gain time to devote to your core business functions…to make money. You also reduce your exposure to legal risks. The overall effect is a healthier bottom line.

You worry about operating safely and compliantly

One day, we will all be back together! And when that day comes, you want to be sure that welcoming employees back to work is a seamless, safe and compliant process with all the rules and regulations. Having a solid HR function can proactively ensure a safe work environment is in place and sensitivities towards employees’ well-being is thoughtfully considered.

In conclusion….

Looking at HR as a fundamentally influential role right now is imperative. If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, it might be time to start exploring how you can get more help. Proactive, progressive and deeply personal human resources support has proven to be a critical necessity to navigating your business during these hard times–and is something ProService can help with!

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