New Innovations to Enhance the Benefits of Doing Business

Building upon a nearly 25 year commitment of helping local businesses succeed, I’m thrilled today to announce the launch of new and enhanced services from ProService Hawaii that will further grow the benefits of doing business in the islands.

In talking with clients and meeting with local employers throughout the community, it‘s become all too apparent that navigating just how to attract and retain talent in a tight job market is increasingly on the list of challenges. And compounded by the high cost of doing business, employers already have enough to worry about. In response, ProService Hawaii is introducing innovative and affordable solutions that will give our clients a head start on hiring and the modern benefits to keep  employees engaged.

Employee onboarding is an employer’s first opportunity to engage new hires—but often comes second to the piles of paperwork. ProService Hawaii’s new onboarding service now provides employers an easy electronic employee engagement tool— a clean, seamless, paperless process that gets employees prepared and ready for the job on day one. While there are other onboarding services in the market, ours comes backed by the dedicated local team at ProService and is part of our ongoing investment in the latest technology to elevate our clients’ hiring, retention and management processes. So employers can focus on managing people, not paper.

With a new student loan repayment assistance benefit option offered through the ProService benefits program, employers can attract the qualified workers they’re looking for with a forward-thinking benefit—and further garner employee loyalty through investment.  College-educated talent is invaluable to any growing business, and while millennials may be more likely to investigate options and consider new positions, they are also looking for companies that provide compelling reasons to stay. With 44 million Americans faced with student loan debt, employers that are helping to ease a stifling situation and enhance the quality of life for their employees are better positioned to attract and retain a multi-generational workforce.

Taking preventative measures to combat one of the leading chronic diseases in Hawaii—diabetes—as well as heart disease and other chronic conditions is increasingly important for local businesses in order to maintain a healthy team. Ornish Lifestyle Medicine offers access to the first program scientifically proven to reverse heart disease and improve other conditions like diabetes and prostate cancer by focusing on disease prevention and management. Through the ProService partnership with HMSA, employers will automatically have an Ornish program option as a fee-inclusive offering—making it available to employees at no additional cost to employers. An Ornish representative will be available to do on-site visits as part of the open enrollment experience with ProService.

Providing great retirement benefits is an essential part of getting qualified employees to commit to a company, but we appreciate it can be a big investment. ProService Hawaii is pleased to now be offering a more transparent fee-model for our 401k Plan, bringing down costs by 30% and providing more savings for plan participants. Increased negotiating power through ProService Hawaii’s 35,000 employees means that investing in employees comes at an affordable price.

Since 2007, our track record in workers’ compensation insurance consistently surpasses the market, saving our clients between 10-15% on premiums and delivering rate stability while the open market workers’ compensation rates have steadily increased. Building upon this strong performance, we are introducing our exclusive Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI) offering to extend savings and efficiencies to our clients through a holistic approach. By shifting our clients from USAble to our Headland Insurance TDI program, we expect continued impressive results and improved costs overtime. Plus, internally processing claims allows us to advocate directly with doctors on your behalf to keep your people and your business healthy.

At ProService Hawaii, we understand that attraction and retention strategies matter.Unfilled jobs can result in unfulfilled growth. Through our new-hire tool to simplify workflows and enhancements to our benefits offerings, ProService Hawaii is ready to help even more local businesses make a strong first—and lasting—impression with great employees.

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