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Today's challenging labor market means you can't afford to neglect your employee benefits. If you're looking for ways to support your employees, look no further than ProService Hawaii. We offer affordable group health insurance with HMSA and Kaiser, plus 401(k) retirement plans, group life insurance, flexible spending accounts, and much more. With us, your team will get the health insurance and financial benefits they need to thrive in Hawaii—and you'll stand out as a top employer!

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Offer your team the best health insurance in Hawaii

Group health insurance doesn't have to be expensive or limiting. With ProService, you can proudly offer your employees the best group health insurance plans with HMSA and Kaiser Permanente—at a price your business can afford. We work directly with HMSA and Kaiser to create the most valuable health insurance plans for local businesses, including exclusive benefits, perks, and rates unavailable elsewhere.

Coverage options:

    • Employee only
    • Employee + Child(ren)
    • Employee + Spouse
    • Family

Benefit options:

    • Medical only
    • Medical, drug, vision
    • Medical, drug, vision, dental
    • Acupuncture and massage
Offer your team the best health insurance plans in Hawaii
Help your team save with 401K benefits and more


More than three-quarters of Hawaii's workers live paycheck to paycheck, meaning it's hard for them to set money aside for anything but the basics. With ProService, we help you provide a wide range of voluntary benefits that help your team stretch their paycheck, save for the future, or plan for the unexpected. Voluntary benefits can include things like dental insurance or accident insurance. Employees pay for these benefits through payroll deductions, making it low to no cost on your end to offer.

Here are some voluntary benefits we offer:

    • 401(k) retirement plans
    • Flexible savings account
    • Dependent care account
    • Transportation account
  • Student loan repayment plans
  • Life and disability insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Cancer and hospital insurance
"My mother worked for years as an esthetician and a 401k was unheard of in her field. To now be able to provide 401k to my team is incredibly rewarding. And we’re only able to offer the level of benefits we do because of the affordable cost ProService provides to local employers.”
Lari Jarvis, Owner, Massage Envy

SIMPLify benefits administration

Take a break from the tedious work of benefits administration. With ProService, we track your employees' eligibility for Hawaii employer health insurance and manage their enrollment and elections. We even handle all their benefits questions, which takes work off your plate. Plus, our benefits administration services make your annual open enrollment process a breeze! 

Here are some of the things we can help with:

    • Eligibility tracking for Hawaii health insurance
    • Open enrollment and benefit elections 
    • ACA reporting (1095-C)
    • ERISA compliance for 401(k) plans
    • COBRA administration
    • Healthcare billing reconciliations and carrier payments
Simplify benefits administration
Healthcare & benefits FAQ

Questions? We've got answers

With ProService, you can offer your team HMSA insurance or Kaiser health insurance. HMSA and Kaiser represent the health insurance Hawaii employers trust the most to provide patients with increased accessibility to healthcare. Whether your employees live or work on Oahu or the neighboring islands, they'll be able to rely on quality Hawaii health plans and an extensive network of doctors, pharmacies and clinics they can easily access. Fun Fact: ProService is the only HR provider to offer HMSA small business health insurance. 

HMSA Insurance. HMSA is Hawaii’s largest health insurance carrier and includes over 7,500 participating doctors, specialists, and other healthcare providers state-wide. With HMSA group plans, members can access every full-service and community hospital in the state. All neighbor island members will also have full access to hospitals on their island or county and may be eligible for HMSA’s Care Access Assistance Program, which helps pay for travel expenses should they need care on Oahu. 

HMSA plan options:

  • 1 HMO plan 
  • 3 PPO plans, including the most valuable PPO plan on the market

Kaiser Health Insurance. Kaiser is Hawaii’s largest integrated medical care program, with over 600 physicians and providers in 100+ specialties, providing care across 19 clinics. With Kaiser health insurance, members can earn a free gym membership at fitness centers statewide or enjoy up to 4,000 on-demand workout videos with ClassPass. With Kaiser, you can also enjoy 20 combined chiropractor, acupuncture, massage therapy, and naturopathy visits annually at $20 per visit. 

Kaiser plan options:

    • 2 HMO plans

Voluntary benefits are optional benefits that employees themselves pay for through payroll deductions. Sometimes voluntary benefits are commonly referred to as “supplemental benefits.” At ProService, we provide a wide range of voluntary benefits you can offer your team to help them thrive while building up your employer brand. Give your employees the support and tools they need to succeed not just in their careers but in their personal lives as well.

Here’s a quick overview of the voluntary benefits we offer: 

  • 401(k) Retirement Plans: Help your team save for tomorrow with 401(k) retirement savings plans. We partner with TransAmerica to offer world-class retirement 401k benefits at a fraction of the market cost. With flexible plan types ranging from 401(k) matching to profit-sharing options and Safe Harbor, you can structure your plan to fit your business.
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA). Take care of your employees and their families by offering them access to a Flexible Spending Account (FSA). Employees can save 15-30% on their tax returns with an FSA by using their pre-tax dollars to pay for certain healthcare, dependent care, or transportation expenses. When you offer this benefit to your team, you also save on employer payroll taxes. 
  • Group Term Life Insurance: According to a recent study, more than a third of households would feel the financial impact within a month if the primary wage earner died. At ProService, we work with TransAmerica to offer an employee’s beneficiaries a financial safety net in the event of an employee’s untimely passing. Group term life insurance is designed to cover a set period or term (e.g., until a debt is paid off or during primary wage-earning years to help replace lost income). Every employee who enrolls in a health insurance plan through ProService Hawaii is automatically eligible for a $10,000 group term life insurance benefit. Employees can purchase additional coverage at significantly discounted rates and be paid through payroll deductions.
  • Student Loan Repayment Assistance Plans (SLRA).  Did you know that employee retention is 35% higher when employees are part of a student loan repayment program? Help your team repay their student loans faster with student loan assistance programs. We’ve partnered with Peanut Butter to help you contribute a dollar amount of your choosing each month toward your employee’s student loans. Help them pay off their loans quicker and build brand loyalty too. 
  • Supplemental Insurance Policies. ProService works closely with Aflac to help your employees get extra protection for the unexpected. By offering supplemental insurance policies, employees can get help covering expenses that health insurance doesn't. You can offer your team accident insurance, short-term disability, hospital confinement and indemnity insurance, critical illness, and cancer/specified disease insurance. 
  • Dental Insurance. We work with Hawaii Dental Service (HDS) and HMSA to create customized dental plans focusing on preventive care. Under these plans, bi-annual exams and cleanings are 100% covered and no longer count toward the annual plan maximum. Additionally, both plans offer cosmetic orthodontic coverage for adults and children.

Whether your team is small or large, ProService can help! We are the only Hawaii PEO representing over 42,000 employees across the island. Why does this matter? With our large group buying power, you get access to Hawaii employee benefits like comprehensive healthcare plans and diverse voluntary benefits that are more affordable than what you can find on the regular market. Plus, ProService is the only HR provider to offer large group HMSA health plans.

With ProService, you can be confident that you're getting the best employee benefits and benefit administration support at an unmatched value. 

  • Buying power. With 2,500+ local employers in our ohana, we leverage our size and negotiate the best rates for our partners.
  • Strong relationships. Our partnerships with the largest health care and voluntary benefits providers give you access to a comprehensive range of affordable benefits without the administrative burden.
  • Best practices. Our health care program has lower fixed costs and more stable rates over time.

Whether you have additional questions or want to get a quote, our business advisors look forward to starting a conversation with you and learning more about your business and your unique needs. You can book a free HR and benefits consultation online or give us a call today at (808) 564-5550. We look forward to speaking with you!  


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