Massage Envy Hawaii

The Massage Envy Hawaii Story

Lari Jarvis and Nathan McFarland followed a dream to bring a brand built on helping people feel their best to Hawaii. The former bankers and longtime friends invested all they owned to open the first massage envy in Hawaii in 2012. By partnering with ProService Hawaii to manage payroll, benefits, compliance filing and safety and risk management during a critical growth period for their business, Lari and Nathan were able to focus on their business’s success.

Massage Envy, Hawaii Owners

The most valuable thing I have is my time. If you can give me back my time, you’ve got me. ProService enables me to focus my energies and passion where it needs to be—on the business.

– Lari Jarvis, Co-owner

The Challenge

Not only were the business partners passionate about launching Massage Envy in Hawaii, they were committed to doing it the right way, ensuring every location they opened adhered to their high standards. Lari and Nathan personally staffed the front counter of their first location every day until the business started to take off. During that hectic time, they quickly realized that with their Hawaii-exclusive franchise deal requiring them to roll out a minimum of five locations over five years, they needed to outsource some of their business functions. Lari and Nathan’s time was simply stretched too thin to manage payroll and keep the business compliant with all of the HR and labor laws.


At first, Lari was skeptical that an outside payroll system would meet their unique needs and support their rapid growth. Yet what swayed her, and has made her a loyal customer to this day, is that ProService didn’t force Massage Envy to fit into a rigid, one-size-fits-all system—instead, they created a custom approach that was tailored to Lari and Nathan’s needs.

ProService Hawaii’s certified professionals made sure Massage Envy’s payroll was handled with meticulous detail, protecting them from costly compliance issues and saving them countless hours processing paperwork. The service team adapted to Nathan’s and Lari’s needs, creating customizable payroll reports that integrated seamlessly with Massage Envy’s processes.

“How a company adapts to a client’s needs is what’s really telling about their nature and how things will run for the long haul. ProService just blew me away with its level of customer service.”

Having the specialists at ProService handle all of the HR functions has been crucial for Lari and Nathan’s success, especially given the added sensitivities that are common to the wellness industry and the rapid expansion of their Hawaii locations. They are also able to offer their employees the benefit of a 401k plan, a particularly rare thing in their industry—and a fitting option considering that it is the same benefit that enabled them to realize their Massage Envy dream.


Massage Envy Hawaii now employs more than 165 people and serves more than 8,000 customers across five spas. Working for the island community, the partners realize that reputation is paramount, and they continue to be hands-on in running their business to ensure every location is meeting their high standards. With ProService providing Lari and Nathan nimble service, professionally managed payroll, risk management and low-cost, life-transforming benefits for their team, the partners have the time they need to focus on their growth and operations.