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Appreciating Differences

For All Employees. Increase your self-awareness and explore your attitudes toward differences in this mini course. Learn 5 steps to appreciating differences as well as practical on-the-job application to foster a culture that embraces and celebrates differences. Client Access | Not a Client? Become One.

Cultivating a Respectful Workplace

For All Employees. In order to create an inclusive workplace, we need to start by cultivating a respectful culture. Respect is the foundation to an inclusive workplace - we can’t have an inclusive workplace if we don’t first have a safe and respectful one.  In this course, learn what it means to create a respectful...

Why Diversity & Inclusion Matters

For All Employees. Explore why diversity and inclusion makes a difference for your workplace and our community.  In this short introduction to D&I,  you will learn about the benefits of inclusion and leave equipped with practical strategies to implement inclusive behaviors in your workplace. Client Access | Not a Client? Become One.