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ProService Hawaii Announced Pandemic Rebate Totalling $2 Million for All Its Clients

September 21, 2020

HONOLULU – In a time when many Hawaii businesses are struggling through the COVID crisis, ProService Hawaii has found a way to put money back into the hands of business owners. Hawaii’s leaders in HR management announces a $2 million investment to fund a Pandemic Rebate that gives money back to their clients, all of whom are small businesses.

The company shared its ability to provide the ProService Pandemic Rebate was due to lower utilization of proprietary insurance programs and lower claims costs due to COVID. Knowing that everything little bit helps, the unexpected savings compelled the HR company to take action and pass it to their clients.

“Small employers are the backbone and the heartbeat of our communities,” says Ben Godsey, President and CEO of ProService Hawaii. “To say we are deeply grateful for our clients’ partnership would be hollow absent our relentless pursuit of helping them manage the costs of employment and care for their people. It’s our responsibility and this is the way we choose to honor their fortitude, tenacity and bravery during these hard times.”

For six months, each of ProService’s 2,500 clients will receive the ProService Pandemic Rebate as a credit on their monthly invoice starting in October. The Rebate is another example of how ProService has met every adversity with innovation to support Hawaii’s employers through a worsening economic environment. Since March, ProService has pivoted to become the source for employer education on COVID and has continually responded to the needs of all businesses, not just clients, by offering free, ready-to-implement online resources that help employers navigate their business and support employees through a pandemic. 

About ProService Hawaii

ProService is the state’s leader in HR management. The company gives employers access to benefits, payroll, HR and risk support that make it easier to hire, manage and grow their teams. ProService drives local business forward by taking care of 2,200 employers and 35,000 employees statewide. It combines the power of passionate local experts with innovative products and a simple online platform that is transforming the workplace in Hawaii.

ProService is headquartered on Oahu at 6600 Kalanianaole Hwy., Ste. 200, Honolulu HI 96825. Additional offices are located in Kona, Kahului, Kapaa and Downtown Honolulu. Telephone: (808) 394-3100. On the web at