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Keeping up with your organization’s HR tasks can be exhausting, especially if you’re trying to handle it yourself while also balancing the needs of your business. And for larger companies, creating a dedicated team for HR services can be complex and challenging. 

A cost-effective and efficient solution for businesses large and small is to turn to a reliable Oahu HR services provider like ProService Hawaii.

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Our Suite of HR Services

At ProService Hawaii, you’ll find Honolulu HR solutions that suit your organization, including payroll and benefits administration, new hire onboarding, and so much more. Discover how our Honolulu human resources team can help your business.

Employee Onboarding

If you’re planning to scale your business soon or simply want to streamline your current employee onboarding processes, ProService Hawaii can help! Our employee onboarding tools ensure your new hires encounter a seamless process they’ll appreciate, including:

  • Paperless forms employees can fill out online before their start date or at their new desk
  • A stringent organization process that maintains all forms for future reference
  • Automated onboarding tasks, like signing up for your benefits plans and setting up direct deposit

And for employers, you can conveniently view your new hire’s status as they complete the necessary onboarding steps through an easy-to-use dashboard.

Our Oahu HR services team will establish a thorough employee onboarding process for you that ticks all the boxes. You’ll no longer need to worry about printing forms and saving them in file folders; we’ll take care of everything for you.

New Hire Reporting

When you bring a new employee on board, you want to know where they’re at in the onboarding and training process, so you’ll know when you can start assigning them their new responsibilities. Our new hire reporting system ensures you’re up-to-date at every stage of the process.

We can customize your new hire reporting to fit your needs or provide standardized tools applicable to your organization.

Honolulu Payroll Services

One of the most time-consuming tasks for HR professionals is payroll. Payroll can take hours, especially when you have a large team of workers or complex pay rules. With our payroll services, you’ll no longer need to worry about calculating paychecks — we’ll handle every step in the process for you.
Our payroll services in Oahu include the following:

  • Calculation of employee pay
  • Tracking of vacation, sick leave, and paid time off (PTO)
  • Application of voluntary and mandatory withholdings, including benefits, taxes, and other items
  • Keeping a detailed payroll register for insights into your pay cycles and employee pay
  • Automatic implementation of changes in pay for your workers
  • Filing of various tax forms, including state tax withholdings and the W-4
  • Maintenance of all payroll tax records per regulatory standards

If you’re tired of handling payroll, it’s time to experience the difference our HR providers in Honolulu, Hawaii, can provide.

Benefits Administration

Your employees need benefits, but ensuring you’re competing with other companies can be challenging. It can also be difficult for small businesses to compare to a larger organization’s offerings. You can put your worries aside when you partner with ProService Hawaii.

Our Oahu HR services include benefits administration. We work directly with HMSA and Kaiser Permanente to provide competitive plans to meet your employee’s demands.

Benefits administration with ProService Hawaii includes:

  • Access to premiere health and dental plans
  • 401(k) plan offering and administration
  • Flexible spending accounts and cafeteria plans
  • Supplemental insurance, including disability and workers’ compensation
  • Group term life insurance

If you’re struggling to find top-notch human resource providers in Honolulu that offer unbeatable benefits packages, look no further than us! Our benefits package sets us apart from the rest and will attract and retain the best talent for your company.

Employee Handbooks & HR Policies

An employee handbook, complete with HR policies, is a compliance necessity, but many organizations need help to create one.

Developing employee handbooks is time-consuming and may be low on your priority list, especially if you’re busy with other critical tasks. However, without an employee handbook, you won’t have any set policies employees can refer to when they have general or specific questions about your organization.

Our Honolulu HR services include employee handbooks and policy setting, helping to protect your organization if a lawsuit arises.

Why ProService? Trusted HR Services in Oahu, HI

ProService Hawaii is a premiere HR and payroll company servicing Honolulu and locations throughout Hawaii. We have over 30 years of experience helping small, medium, and enterprise clients address their HR needs, including employee onboarding, payroll services, and benefits administration.

With us, you no longer need to worry about HR. Honolulu is a stunning city — leave managing your HR tasks to a company that will take them seriously so you can get out of the office and network with your clients! Contact ProService Hawaii to learn more today.