April 8, 2022 - isolved Feature Release

Learn more about upcoming onboarding, I-9 and menu item enhancements.

Table of Contents

Watch the video below to view the
new onboarding experience!


The Initiate Onboarding menu is going away and it will be part of the Pending Employees Screen.

The Pending Employees Screen, formally the Pending EE Dashboard, has been redesigned with a new look and feel.


The Initiate Onboarding page will look slightly different.

Once the employee has completed their onboarding information, you will now have a multi-step onboarding wizard that default will include the following screens:

  • Employee Information
  • Employment Information
  • Job and Labor
  • Salary


Initiate Onboarding

Click here to launch the guide detailing how to
initiate onboarding for a new hire

Hire Employee

Click here to launch the guide detailing
how to hire a new employee.


We wanted the I-9 screen to look as similar to the actual form as possible and have made some exciting changes!

  • Ability to preview the form (employee or employer)
  • Ability to use a translator
  • Ability to capture additional list A documents
  • Ability to add notes to the additional information field



With our Employee Admin Tools menu, we have moved all our I-9 screens to funnel under the I-9 Management menu item rather than being scattered in different areas of the system.

Accruals have been moved under Employee Benefits > Accruals

A new submenu for Training and Development has been created and will have the following underneath it.

  • Certifications
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Training

These changes will be live Friday, April 8th, 2022.

If you have any questions please contact 808-394-3112.