72% of employers say health benefits costs are rising...

What Can Hawaii Employers Do? 4 Actions You Can Take


Understand Why Healthcare Costs Are Rising

Discover how market factors put pressure on businesses when it comes to employer-sponsored healthcare costs and persistent recruiting challenges. Get valuable tips on optimizing your healthcare offerings to effectively balance both challenges.


Start Open Enrollment Planning Now

Hawaii employers face an average cost of $6,300 per employee for single coverage and over $20,400 for family coverage per year. These figures surpass national average cost for single ($6,200) and family ($15,700) health plans. Now is the time to start dialing into health insurance costs and employee needs before your open enrollment period begins.


Learn How to Build a Great Employee Benefits Package

If it’s been a while since you’ve reviewed your offering, now may be the time to revisit your benefits strategy and explore your options. Learn about Hawaii's unique healthcare requirements, benefits top local companies are  offering, and what low-cost, no-cost benefits are available to help you retain top talent. 


Talk to ProService Hawaii. Learn How We Help Companies Like Yours

Have you considered leveraging the bulk-buying power of a PEO to help contain your employee healthcare costs? Schedule a consult with one of our business consultants to learn why we're the HR provider of choice in Hawaii and how we can help you contain your labor costs.

“By partnering with ProService Hawaii we are able to substantially lower our overall health care costs and provide twice the amount of health care options for our staff. My only regret has been realizing that I should have made the change to ProService years ago.”
- Arc of Maui
ProService client since 2017