ProService Offers Steps to Protect Workplace Ahead of COVID-19 Threat

HONOLULU, HAWAII (March 2, 2020) – Hawaii employers face the real possibility of managing fears and safety within their workplace in the midst of today’s coronavirus threat. ProService Hawaii—the state’s leading provider of HR services for 35,000+ employees in Hawaii—offers ways to help local employers protect their workplaces and teams, as medical experts race to understand more about the virus’s public health impacts.

Maintaining a safe work environment should be the number one priority for employers. There are several things employers can do to play their part in keeping Hawaii coronavirus-free:

  • Encourage sick employees to work from home
  • Remind employees of respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene best practices
  • Routinely clean all frequently touched surfaces in the workplace
  • Advise employees returning from travel to self-monitor
  • Ask employees to immediately report symptoms of respiratory illness to their manager and healthcare provider

“With zero confirmed cases of coronavirus in Hawaii, it’s an opportune time to ensure employers make sound decisions related to the workplace and employment,” says Janina Abiles, Manager of Client HR and Safety Training. “In times like these, it’s extremely important for employers to protect their teams, and maintain a healthy workplace, while minimizing the hysteria. Creating contingency plans and communicating clearly with all employees can give them peace of mind that their employer cares enough to be prepared in case of a local outbreak. For example, now would be a good time to identify tasks and responsibilities that can be handled remotely as the state looks into social distancing strategies.”

For more information, visit ProService Hawaii’s Employer’s Guide to Coronavirus:

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