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In Hawaii, where every dollar counts, we help employers save money, get time back, and rely on local experts for HR support.  

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With HR industry and Hawaii market experience since 1994, we know, live, and breath HR in Hawaii.

Up to $1,400 in Savings per Employee

Employers that use our bundled HR solution can save up to $1,400 in annual labor costs per employee.*

80 Hours Back

We help busy leaders save apporximately 80 hours per month, according to a recent survey of ProService clients.

Find hidden labor cost savings
on every employee.

Think of your employee, Jake. You pay Jake’s wages plus a whole lot of other labor expenses. These extra costs can quickly add up! Fear not! With ProService, we help you save upfront and over time. 

Let's break it down:

Save up to $100 on state unemployment tax

Are you paying too much in state unemployment taxes? Fear not. Partnering with a professional employer organization (PEO) like ProService can help you lower your tax rate and pay less SUTA tax. More On Payroll & Taxes

Save up to $500 on employee healthcare coverage

Healthcare on the rise? With ProService, your small business can access big-company benefits at an affordable price. How? Representing 2,500+ local employers and 44,000 employees, we leverage our collective size to negotiate healthcare costs with HMSA & Kaiser that are ~10% lower than market averages.
More on Benefits

Save up to $700 on workers' compensation

Traditional workers' compensation providers require a large down payment upfront. Not us. With ProService Hawaii, skip the upfront deposit and pay for your premiums as you go, with rates up to 15% below the market. More on Workers' Comp.

Save up to $100 on temporary disability insurance

Just like workers' compensation, we help employers save on TDI too. How? At ProService, we have our own workers' comp and TDI companies that allow us to keep fixed costs low for our clients and minimize annual rate increases.

= Up to $1,400 annual savings per employee

On top of employee wages, businesses pay for a lot of other labor expenses — from healthcare and workers' comp to TDI and employer taxes. With ProService, we help you find savings, upfront and over time, with every employee! 

* Calculations are based on average annual savings per employee over 8 years for businesses in Hawaii with 6-15 employees. Actual prices and savings vary by business, industry, size, experience, history etc.

“Our workers’ comp and health insurance costs were increasing. It was ridiculous. Once we started working with ProService, our rates stabilized and stopped rising, while other companies told me that their insurance rates were over the top. I tell them to go see ProService now.”
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