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Jody has over 5 years of HR experience in the PEO industry in Hawaii. His areas of expertise include HR strategy, employee healthcare, HR compliance, and employee retention.

Don’t Let Rising Labor Costs Hurt Your Business

You can find significant savings on your labor costs—everything from healthcare and benefits to workers’ compensation and employee perks. The answer is HR outsourcing.

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Should You Keep HR In-House or Get an HR Partner?

When it comes to managing HR, you generally have two options: you can grow your HR team in-house, or you can share the workload with...

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5 Trends Reshaping the Work of HR in Hawaii

Here are five trends that are reshaping the work of HR in Hawaii, plus one partnership opportunity for businesses that can change the way you...

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How to Keep Your Best Employees

Employee retention in Hawaii is much more difficult than it is on the mainland. We spoke to 5 local companies on retention, here's what they...

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Is a PEO Right For You?

PEO stands for "Professional Employer Organization" and if you're a small business, a PEO could help you save time, money, and headaches.

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