Sunday Message From Ben: Introducing the ProService COVID Navigator

“In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.” – Theodore Roosevelt


The words of Theodore Roosevelt, a leader who overcame much adversity, and who led significant change and growth in America, stand tall for me: We cannot do nothing.  Right or wrong, we must act. In the form of a vote and being vocal to our local policymakers, we must act to move forward, despite COVID.

We must act now to drive change. Right or wrong, acting to create change increases our chances for growth. Growth means new life. So acting now can make a significant difference.

ProService is unrelenting in taking action and driving change, no matter the challenge. Last month, we were proud to launch the ProService Pandemic Rebate, an automatic monthly credit on your invoice for the next six months, to help you endure and survive the next 6 months. We have never done anything like this before and we are excited to take that big step forward for you.

Today, we announce our latest innovation — ProService COVID Navigator.

Developed in partnership with iHealthHome and MediKeeper, the ProService Navigator is our exclusive online solution for clients to efficiently and effectively screen for COVID-19 and proactively prevent its spread in your workplace.

We've searched high and low for a way to make it easy for clients and their teams to incorporate the daily screening process into their work routine and assist with workforce management when you have a positive COVID case — which can all be highly complicated when you consider the options.

The ProService COVID Navigator is our easy-to-use app that will streamline the process of daily employee screening and administration for you. Among a long list of features that out-perform any comparable app available today, our ProService COVID Navigator displays “cleared for work” to employees in under a minute.

Now, before we launch it to all of our clients in the coming weeks, we are inviting a small group of clients to participate as early users of the Navigator.

We believe the ProService COVID Navigator will make life easier and safer for you and your employees. We’re excited to be introducing this innovation to our clients at a time when it is so critical to operating our businesses safely with COVID in our community.

Right or wrong, we move forward.

November will be a big month, and despite the news, I am hopeful. We are voting. Tourists are starting to return to Hawaii and we are finding a path to reopening safely. Slowly, we are coming around to actions to survive and live better with COVID. ProService is finding a way to adapt and innovate, and so many of you are too. Keep at it. If we keep moving forward and changing, we will find our way.

With Aloha,

Ben Godsey

President & CEO