How We’ve Been Preparing to Protect You



I would like to share with you the preparations ProService has been taking to ensure we continue to support our community during these challenging and rapidly changing times.

Since late February, we have tested modifications to our operating practices and remote work protocols to protect the health and safety of our clients and employees. Our Hawaii Employers’ Guide to the Coronavirus includes much of what we have put into practice. Please check it regularly for the latest actions, along with useful worksheets and tactics you can download and use.  In addition, many of our clients have requested more detail on what ProService is doing, so here I am sharing more in the hopes it helps our entire community make decisions that protect your employees, customers, and ongoing business.

Remote Work

Two weeks ago, we quietly started testing remote work among all our teams. Effective Monday Mar 16, we are running operations with 100% of our employees working remotely. We are learning how to keep our people motivated and accountable, while balancing the new challenges of working from home.

Virtual Human Resources Consultations

Our teams of HR Consultants and Benefits, Payroll, HR, and Safety experts are consulting days, nights, and weekends via phone, email, video, and text to help local business owners make the best decisions and support business continuity.  

Virtual Trainings and Webinars

Last week, we began migrating all our scheduled in-person trainings and consultations online, and/or have postponed non business-critical workshops. See last week’s well-attended webinar: Prepare. Don’t Panic. Employers & Coronavirus.  Please check our schedule of upcoming  webinars & trainings

Cancelled All In-Person Events and Meetings

Last week, we cancelled all of our in-person meetings and events.


All our employees are equipped with laptops, secure & confidential virtual access to all company and employee records, and Zoom video calling capability so that data continues to be protected and secure, and we can stay connected via email, phone or video conferencing. 

Over-Communicating with Our Employees

We use a number of methods to stay connected with, and keep our teams focused on, the most critical priorities, every day. This includes multiple “huddles” among different teams and functions, regular company-wide communications of the day’s priorities.


We believe all of this helps protect the health and safety of our community.  These are trying times and we will do everything we can to offer our advice to help all Hawaii businesses make it through. 


Ben Godsey

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