PRISM/HRP Alternative Payroll Plan

Please Pardon the Interruption

Paying your people correctly and on time is one of the most important responsibilities you have as an employer. As your HR partner, the trust you put in us to take care of your people is not lost, so we are working tirelessly to fulfill our commitment to you and your employees in the face of this unexpected event. 

The Outage 

Prism HR—the HRIS for 80,000 small businesses nationwide, including ProService clients—is experiencing a prolonged system outage that will last throughout the week. Anticipating that this could be the case, we’ve put together an alternative plan that does not rely on this system to enable timely processing of payroll for Thursday (3/4) and Friday (3/5) pay dates. 

We are confident in our ability to do this because we established a data warehouse earlier this year as a precaution in case of unexpected situations like this and because our comprehensive workaround plan has included pilot testing to ensure the smoothest rollout possible, despite current circumstances. 

However due to this outage, processing payroll this week will be in a more manual fashion—but our absolute priority and commitment to you is to get your employees paid as scheduled.

Our Plan

Our plan is to pay your team using an “Advance” method, based on estimated net pay, using historical payroll. 

Here’s what this means:

  1. This method will be directionally correct—but not precise—in calculating employee pay given the limited access to processing functionality and time to execute. 
  2. We will use your submitted timesheets to pull total hours, which includes regular hours, overtime, and PTO. Total hours will then be multiplied by the estimated net hourly rate to determine what we will process for employee “Advance” pay.
  3. Live checks and direct deposits will then be processed as usual.
  4. Your invoice will be billed at 90% of your prior invoice as this is an alternative processing method based on estimates vs. actuals.
  5. When the system is back up, we will process the submitted hours through the system and apply the “Advance” as part of the precise reconciliation process. 
  6. Your remaining billing will be reflected on your next invoice once our system is back online and our team conducts a thorough reconciliation of employee pay details

Lastly, since custom reports are generated through the platform, there will be no custom reporting functionality for this week. We know these reports are critical to your operations so we’ll diligently keep you updated as details are shared with us, or you can get scheduled updates on our informational website

Whatever the unexpected is today or in the future, the team at ProServicere here to support and service your needs as best as we can. Thank you for choosing us to be your partner. Customers like you are the reason why we strive to do the best at our jobs.

To help you communicate effectively with your employees, we’ve put together this communications template you can leverage to share key details about their pay this week.


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