A Parking & Transit Account can help you manage your work-related mass transit and parking costs. Save money by using tax-free dollars to pay for these expenses.

Why enroll in a Parking & Transit Account?

  • Depending on your tax bracket, you could realize a tax savings of 15-30% on work-related mass transit and parking-related expenses
  • Lower your IRS reported income which saves you money

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A Parking & Transit Account allows you to use tax-free dollars to pay for monthly parking lot fees and mass transit programs (i.e. Bus Pass).

Unlike the Flexible Spending Account (FSA) plans, this program does not include a “use it or lose it penalty”. Any unused funds will carry forward to the next plan year in which you are an active participant.

You can use a Parking & Transit Account to pay for your share of expenses for commuting to and from work, reimbursable up to the monthly statutory or plan limit for:

  • Parking your vehicle in a facility that is near your place of work
  • Parking at a location from where you commute to work (such as the cost of parking in a lot near to the bus station so you can continue your commute to work)
Mass Transit:
  • Expenses include costs for any pass, token, fare card, voucher, or other item that entitles you to use mass transit for the purpose of traveling to or from work (i.e. Bus Pass)

To determine if you’re eligible for this benefit, please check with your employer or contact the ProService Hawaii Voluntary Benefits Team at 808-394-4175.

Per IRS tax rules, the following are not eligible to participate:

  • S Corp shareholders above the 2% ownership level and immediate family members
  • LLC owners taxed as a Partnership
  • LLP members
  • Partners in a Partnership and Sole Proprietors; spouses/family members who are not W-2 employees of the company

The ProService Hawaii Voluntary Benefits Team can assist you with the steps in enrolling in this benefit. Please call us at 808-394-4175 or click here to submit an online request.

You can submit claims to National Benefit Services (NBS) in the following ways:

  • Online at my.nbsbenefits.com
  • Use the NBS Benefits mobile app for Apple and Android devices;
  • Submit an NBS Flexible Spending Account Claim Form with supporting documentation via email to service@nbsbenefits.com, fax to 844-438-1496, or mail to:
    National Benefit Services, LLC
    P.O. Box 6980
    West Jordan, UT 84084

Any remaining balance at the end of the year will rollover to the next plan year.

Changes are allowed on a monthly basis and take effect on the first of the following month.

Your participation and salary deduction ends. You will no longer be able to incur expenses for reimbursement as of your termination date. You have 90 days from the date of termination to submit claims for expenses incurred prior to the termination date. Any balance left in the account after 90 days will be considered forfeit. 


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